Debating “The Vaccine Wars” by PBS

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On’s website, Lylah Alphonse has a great article about a recent PBS broadcast having to do with Autism – the broadcast was called “The Vaccine Wars.”

Actually, she points out that the discussion on the forums is what has become really interesting following this broadcast.

The broadcast came off as very biased, painting moms who are worried about a link between vaccination and autism as being against both science and society as a whole because failure to vaccinate can be “a dangerous breach in heard immunity.”

The broadcast also cut footage from researchers with doubts about vaccination and didn’t include any information about times when vaccinations have failed, as Alphonse points out.

Whichever side of the Vaccination debate you come down on, I agree with Alphonse – this discussion is very interesting.

Read her full review of the broadcast here and get links to’s forums and the show (if you missed it) as well.

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