Sale on our “Working Together To Find the Missing Piece” Bracelets

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Did you know, the “Working Together to Find The Missing Piece” is’s own Autism Awareness motto? We believe that living with Autism and working together are the only way we will ever understand the Autism Spectrum. In addition, we also believe that living with Autism, loving people with Autism and working with people with Autism opens the doors to all kinds of gifts – that for many of us these gifts are ‘missing pieces’ in our lives. That’s why we love the deep meaning behind this motto.

Our “Working Together to Find The Missing Piece” rainbow bracelets are one of our most popular sellers whenever we go to walks and events in our local community, and now they’re on sale for as low as $0.90 each! What a great fundraiser idea. Click here to shop now.

Take Your Awareness EVERYWHERE – iPhone Cases Now Available!

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Let’s face it, our phones are attached to us everywhere we go. We at wanted to combine our love for our phones with our love for those with Autism, so we created our new iPhone cases featuring our “I love someone with Autism” logo. We feel that this logo speaks to our hearts here at so deeply, combining all the complexity and deep love that goes into these special realtionships. What a great way to thank a care provider, a family member or simply show your support for the cause?

We are excited that these are now available in bulk quantities at reduced rates for those of you doing fundriasers. We’ve had lots of Autism Walk teams get these as ‘thank-you’s’ for their team members and top donors. What a great gift! You could even outfit your whole team with the matching shirts!

Happy Halloween from!

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Happy Halloween from! I saw this great Pumpkin Puzzle-piece image and it got me thinking – anyone carve an Autism Pumpkin this year? If so, make sure to share!


I did find one great pic of a Puzzle-Piece pumpkin done by Dirty Girl Motorcycle Racing – don’t know if she’s associated with Autism Awareness, but her pumpkin was truly inspiring! Wish I was that talented! Check out her post (link above) to read about how she did it – all with POWER TOOLS!

Happy Halloween!

Autism Bracelets – Great for Companies!

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April 2nd is Autism Awareness Day. To celebrate this day, prominent buildings across North America and the world — including the Empire State Building in New York City The Miami Tower,  the Port of Miami in Miami-Dade County and the Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil , — will turn their lights blue to raise awareness for autism and to commemorate the fourth World Autism Awareness Day .

Our aim is to light the world blue all throughout April — city by city, town by town — by taking action to raise autism awareness in our communities.

Take a moment to View the Light It Up Blue Video, it show us how impactful this campaign is, it really brings the world together on this issue.

Your company (or organization, neighborhood, family) can participate in this by wearing Autism Awareness Bracelets on April 1&2 and throughout the month of April to help raise awareness! Click Here to see our great prices!

Thank you for your continuous support.

April is Autism Awareness Month! Get Ready Now!

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Wow! April is almost here already! Are you ready to help raise awareness of Autism this April? We are! We’ve stocked up on all your favorites and are ready to ship quickly to get you the products you need to help raise awareness of this important cause.

Some great ideas to help raise awareness this April:

  • Get all your friends, family, employees, neighbors, etc. to wear a silicone Autism Awareness Bracelet all April long! We’ve even got them in kids sizes! They’re an inexpensive way to help spread the word and show your support.
  • Celebrate the caretakers, parents and autism angels in your life with a little show of support! Our Autism Angel pins make great gifts and are a wonderful way to say “thank you for all you do” to the Autism angels in your life.
  • Participate in a walk, run or hike for Autism! We’ve got great autism apparel to keep you cool while you exercise, from hats to t-shirts and more.

Whatever’s planned for your April, we’ve got your covered! If you’re planning a fundraiser, give our fundraising specialist, Lorraine, a call and we’ll help you get the products you need.

Order now to get your stuff ASAP!

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